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Our Services Are Best Suited For The,
 Private Sector: icon_arrow Protecting Business Interests

It is imperative in today’s competitive markets that you have complete confidence in the people that you deal with. Ensuring that your clients, suppliers and staff are truthful in their practices is a difficult task. We can confirm references and collect background information that will assist board members in choosing the person who is best suited to the position.

We offer a wide range of services designed to assist you in this area. We will compile in-depth status reports pertinent to both individuals and companies while offering fully licensed Security Consultation in such areas as asset protection and counter-espionage measures.

The services of Canadian K9 Investigations provide our clients with the ability to confirm information and make informed decisions. From checking the validity of an indemnity claim of an employee to locating the assets of an offshore weight loss company, our team provides efficient, and discreet solutions designed to allow your company to maintain profitability and productivity while protecting your business interests.

Legal Profession: icon_arrow The Gathering of Evidence

Canadian K9 Investigations understand that delays can cost time and money. Our investigations are completed as quickly as possible and always with the expectation of providing testimony in court. Thus, you are assured of ethical business practices that will stand up to the legal process.

The presentation of evidence is what the sum of our investigations provides. Our investigators are well versed in civil and criminal law procedure and are always prepared to provide evidence in court in a professional and succinct fashion.

From process serving to witness location, Canadian K9 Investigations Ltd. offers a thorough professional service that conveys foresight and removes concern.