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Our focus is to provide fully-licensed, independent and impartial security consultation. We achieve this by presenting an objective view to determine the actual effectiveness of existing security measures or to implement new ones. We only offer solutions that are necessary and that support the overall countermeasures plan while fitting into the budget allowed.

Canadian K9 Group specializes in applying security measures that protect the vulnerabilities of the home or business.

* The first step is the identification of any threat(s) and/or weaknesses in current defensive measures. Once these have been identified, we assess the existing vulnerabilities.

* A ‘Risk Analysis’ is then performed to determine the acceptable level of risk the client is willing to accept and what areas require the highest level of protection.

* Next, we prepare and implement a countermeasures plan that is agreeable to the client.

* Finally, we complete a countermeasures assessment to determine the effectiveness of the implemented anti anxiety security measures. Adjustments are made according to the shifting needs of the client and the current level of criminality in the area.

We empower our clients by utilizing communication making it an essential part of a successful Security Consultation. We include our clients as partners in the analysis by assessment of investigative outcomes. We keep our client informed of the progress of each assignment, particularly when problems or difficulties arise that may threaten the objective of the assignment.

Business Consultations
Our Security Consultation services are flexible and adaptable to any size of business. We work within your current building structure or we will work with your architect or contractor during the planning and building process. We can evaluate a specific area or the entire security operation of the business. Our independence provides proprietarily, or ‘in-house’, security managers additional professional support lending a different perspective to the security issues of a company.