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When you require detection of explosives, weapons, or narcotics, Canadian K9 Detection will create a customized plan made to fit your budgetary requirements and company policies.

Canadian K9 Detection uses only select and appropriate canine breeds for the job at hand. Our fully licensed and government-certified detection canine teams are able to service any of the following environments:

* Ships – cargo and passenger
* All motor vehicles
* Aircraft
* Industrial workshops
* Corporate offices
* Education centres – private and public
* Residential
* Lease and rental properties
* Warehouses
* Shopping centres
* Fairs, festivals or any event, indoors and outdoors

Our detection canines have extensive experience in many of these antibiotics environments, as well as in our specialties,

such as preventative measures regarding marijuana grow operations or methamphetamines labs.

We utilize “non-threatening” and socialized canines for our services. This non-aggressive approach allows for a calm, social, but deterrent atmosphere.

It is our policy that the canine is kept on a leash at all times. This is to ensure that the canine will, at no time,

work without the direction of the handler. Thus, you are assured that the proven professionalism of every Canadian K9 Detection team is displayed at all times.

Call us today for a complimentary demonstration of our detection services.