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vancouver sunGerry Bellett
Vancouver Sun
Saturday, April 26, 2008

Muzzling of sniffer dog use won’t alter private business

There’s still money in detecting illegal materials in buildings, ships, trucks.

A Supreme Court of Canada ruling that outlaws the use of police sniffer dogs to do random drug searches in public places won’t affect private industry’s use of such dogs, Margrett Donley says.

Surrey’s Canadian K9 Detection Group which supplies dog teams to conduct security sweeps of buildings, cruise ships, commercial trucks, charter boats, fishing vessels, mining camps, movie sets, anywhere illegal drugs, weapons or explosives might show up. …. read article


Renu Bakshi
CTV Personality
January 06, 2007

DalewithCTVFrom Left to Right:

NHL star goalie Kelly Hrudey, Bill Dhandwar, CTV’s Renu Bakshi and Canadian K9’s Co-owner, Dale Crump.

“I want to thank you and your security staff for providing the most professional service we’ve had in the past 11 years of hosting this fundraising dinner.”

Your group came highly recommended — and even when more people than expected pharmacy showed up at the fundraiser, you handled the crowd with ease and grace. Very impressive! I look forward to working with you in the future.”


Canadian K9 Detection Security & Investigations Ltd.

Occasionally, a unique property management idea surfaces that we wish to share with our readership. Last week at the BCAOMA trade show, Macdonald Commercial’s booth was located next to a company that we found quite intriguing. We were introduced to Margrett Donley and Dale Crump of Canadian K9 Detection Security & Investigations Ltd., who along with their black Lab “Mr. Baker”, provide an innovative service that is sure to benefit property owners and managers alike. read article


Lab helps landlords sniff out drug dens.

Landlords across Greater Vancouver are turning to a trained narcotics dog, ‘Mr. Baker’ to sniff out suspected grow-ops and meth labs in their property. “Under the Residential Tenancy Act, owners and managers are mandated to regularly inspect their property,” notes David Goodman, a Vancouver Realtor and landlord, who adds, “The onus has been placed squarely on our shoulders to keep criminal activity from being allowed to thrive on our properties.” read article