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SMS International Shore Operations

December 2, 2015

To whom it may concern,

I have been Vice President, Port Agency for over 30 years with responsibility for company Port Operations at most Cruise Ports in North America including Hawaii. I am based in Vancouver and Seattle where I have had the pleasure of working closely with Canadian K9 on behalf of our Cruise ship Principals including Disney Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line plus several smaller lines. (more) PDF File

Cornerstone Oilfield Services Ltd.

November 6, 2014

To whom it may concern,

Re: Canadian K9 Detection

Canadian K9 detection has worked with Cornerstone Oilfield Services since 2011.  They have provided narcotics detection services in Norman Wells, NWT enforcing zero-tolerance drug policies at remote work camps with positive results.  Canadian K9 Detection has proven to be a reliable and knowledgeable company with an above average set of standards.

Canadian K9 Detection staff has always been professional and friendly to work with.  Their dogs are nonthreatening, determined and focused when the task of searching for narcotics is conducted.

We look forward to our continued relationship with Canadian K9 detection and would definitely recommend their narcotics detection services. (more) PDF File

Yours very truly,

George Iliopoulos
Cornerstone Oilfield Services Inc
Operations Manager

Transport Canada
November 19, 2014

Mr. Dale Crump
Director of Operations
Canadian K9 Detection Security & Investigations, Ltd.

Subject: Appreciation for participating in Transport Canada’s canine odour recognition testing.

Dear Mr. Crump:

On behalf of Transport Canada, I would like to extend my gratitude to you and members of your personnel at Canadian K9, namely Chris Harquail and Barry McKnight, for their participation in Transport Canada’s canine odour recognition testing, which was held at the Vancouver International Airport September 15 – October 2, 2014.

Your staffs’ contributions and insight were highly valuable to our work and helped to provide informative feedback that will assist us in refining our testing approach.  Furthermore, we appreciate the time and effort you provided in support of this initiative. (more) PDF File

Pascal Verville
Acting Director
Aviation Security Technology

Peter J Waring, Risk Manager
April 3, 2014

Canadian K9 has worker with CKR Global for at least 5 years in Ontario, BC and Alberta. Canadian K9 fulfilled the requirements set out by CKR and our clients with great knowledge and professionalism. (more) PDF File

Holland America Line

Mary-Ann Insinger, Manager, Port Operations Vancouver
June 15, 2013

Holland America Line has utilized the bomb detection services of Canadian K9 for at least the past 13 years in Vancouver. During that time, Canadian K9 have demonstrated consistently their professionalism and commitment to the highest quality of service to their clients. (more) PDF File

Purewal Family wedding reception
July 16, 2012

Hi Dale, It was a pleasure to meet you and your staff at the Purewal Family wedding reception. Your company was the most professional security team we have ever had attend our events. With your permission, we would like to forward your contact info to our clients who have upcoming events.

Thank You,
Suzanne Kennedy

Burnaby Youth Custody Centre
March 28, 2011
To whom it may concern,

I am the life skills instructor at the Burnaby Youth Custody Centre. The centre’s residents range from 12 to 18 years of age and are sentenced to custody from the lower mainland area. The youth housed here are generally unfit for other settings due to their potential for violent unpredictable behavior. The environment is challenging and sometimes difficult for our staff and contractors.

The department concentrates on providing results oriented, significant programs that may help residents successfully return to the community and function as a positive part of society. The “Canadian K9 Detection” program has been an asset and a welcome program in assisting us with this provincial mandate.

One of the programs we run at the centre is named “Life Skills “. This program covers various topics such as developing employable skills, conflict resolution, yoga, tai chi, hygiene, cooking, animal care, etc. It is a tremendous asset to have organizations such as the Canadian K9 Detection Group come in to this program. This is a valuable resource that assists the program department in meeting our goals with the residents at the centre.

The Canadian K9 Detection Group attended our centre on March 23, 2011; I have had many positive comments from both staff and residents regarding their sessions with our residents. The sessions were carried out professionally and all involved were treated with respect which allowed the residents to open up and ask questions about the animals.

We would very much like to see Canadian K9 Detection Group continue their positive relationship with our centre. It has become a valuable resource for the centre. The program department sincerely appreciates their efforts and sincerely believes that they make a positive contribution to the youth in custody at our centre.

Tasia Tang,
Life Skills Instructor, BYCS

Holland America Lines
September 22, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:
RE: Canadian K-9

2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

This will serve as confirmation that Canadian K-9 had performed security bomb detection services for the accommodation vessels for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Games. The vessels that were assigned to Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics were the MS Oosterdam and the MS Statendam, both located at the Ballantyne Pier in Vancouver. The vessels were alongside from January 12th through to March 04th, 2010.

Canadian K-9 were professional in their conduct at all times. They made themselves available to us at any time for any security related services that we may needed.

Canadian K-9 have provided dog detection services for Holland America Line for a number of years and within that time, have demonstrated their trustworthiness, dedication to the profession and security. They have made themselves available to us at any time, and served our security needs in a seamless and consistent manner.

In my view, there is quite simply, no other K-9 detection services that I would consider using with respect to the security of any of our vessels.

I would most strongly recommend Canadian K-9 for any company requiring dog detection services.

If you have any questions with respect to Canadian K-9 and their services, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time, either by email or on my cell phone.

Kind regards

Holland America Line Inc.
Mary-Ann Isinger
Manager, Port Operations FLL/YVR

B.C. Housing
September 22, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:
Re: Canadian K9 Detection Security & Investigations Ltd.

Canadian K9 Detection Security & Investigations Ltd. Had provided 24/7 security services at a B.C. Housing development in Surrey, B.C. for several months earlier this year. The development is a 400 unit apartment complex which houses a wide variety of tenants ranging from seniors, tenants with active drug and alcohol issues, mental health issues and formerly homeless people. This challenging site was facing numerous security issues with drug dealers and prostitutes coming onto the site. The security guards were very polite and firm in their dealings with the tenants, and very helpful in working with the building staff in resolving tenant conflicts and/or security issues. Canadian K9 Detection Security & Investigations Ltd. Was instrumental in reducing the problems on site.

I have no reservations in recommending the services of Canadian K9 Detection Security & Investigations Ltd. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me.

Yours truly,

David Chow
Property Portfolio Manager
B.C. Housing

B.C. Housing
September 22, 2010

Re: Canadian K9 Group Ltd.

It is my pleasure to send this letter of recommendation for a company that I have used for almost 5 years now. I have used them for fire watch security, personal security and building security. I have found them to be second to none in every situation they have been put in. Their customer service and response time is excellent. They show incredible expertise and compassion when they deal with our tenants and clients. From the most vulnerable to the most difficult, they are able to make a connection with them and at the same time ensure that the surroundings and building are secured.

I would not hesitate to use them in any situation.

Marie Palladino
Property Portfolio Manager
Vancouver Coastal Region
B.C. Housing

Ceres Corp
September 29th, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

I have dealt with Canadian K9 Detection Security and investigations since 2004, during which time they have provided the Cruise Industry with excellent support in the areas of Dockside Security; namely with Canine Explosive and Drug Detection on ships Stores and Baggage. Their work has contributed to the success of the Cruise Line business in the Port of Vancouver.

The Vancouver pain relief Cruise Docks are a hub of activity and highly congested with Trucks, Buses, Labourers, Crew Members and Vendors working in confined areas. Canadian K9 Handlers and Dogs are non-threatening and non-aggressive in a very busy Terminal.

I can confidently recommend Canadian K9 Group as a solid and reliable supplier and experts in their field. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Yours truly,

Terry Macdonald
Manager, Stevedoring Operations
Cerescorp Company

BC Mental Health & Addiction Services
September 30, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

The Forensic Hospital has dealt with Canadian K9 Detection Security and Investigations since 2009; they have provided the hospital with excellent support in the areas of illegal drug smuggling. With their canine drug detection team, they have contributed to the decrease in drug use by our clients.

Our hospital has been actively trying to decrease the use of illegal drugs smuggled into the hospital. With the help of Canadian K9 Drug Detection Team we have slowed the use of illegal drugs smuggled into the nursing units.

Canadian K9 Group are very reliable and professional and excellent in their field. I would recommend them to any hospital or business.

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Yours truly,

Dennis Ishikawa
Manager, Facilities & Securities
Provincial Health Services Authority

Cielo Building Strata Council
October 22, 2009

Attention: Dale Crump

On behalf of the residents and owners at the Cielo building, we would like to thank you for the work that you and your canine partners did in our building. The strata council at Cielo views security as one of our top priorities and we hired your firm to come into the building to sweep the resident floor lobby areas, common space, parking areas and storage locker spaces to alert us to any concerns that we might have with drug related activities in our building.

Your team arrived on time and managed the sweep very efficiently and professionally. We were very impressed with the service. We were also pleased that the results turned up very few areas of concern. I wanted to let you know that there were two hastily organized moves that occurred at the time of the sweep and not surprisingly these were the two units that your team identified as areas of concern.

Yours truly,

Sandra Stoddart-Hansen
President, Cielo Strata Council

King Day Holdings, Ltd
June 16, 2009

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter will confirm that we employ the services of Canadian K9 Detection Security and Investigations Ltd. for the purpose of narcotics detection for our apartments in the Vancouver area.

King Day has been a client of Canadian K9 since 2005, and the provision of ongoing private canine narcotics detection service has proven to be a very cost effective preventative measure.

We are very satisfied with the valuable professional services and customer service that is prompt and professional. The dogs are well behaved and friendly, and interactions between the handlers and tenants have always been courteous. They have strived to exceed our expectations, to maintain a secure environment and to create a solid working relationship. The inspections and posted signs have proved to be useful tools to keep our buildings drug free.

The services provided have been exemplary and we would not hesitate to recommend their detection services.


Bob Cusso
Maintenance Manager
King Day Holdings Ltd.

Osprey Marine Ltd. & Mariner Seafoods Ltd.

To Whom It May Concern: 

Our company owns the fishing vessel Osprey No 1, a freezer trawler based out of Vancouver B.C. Since we bought our vessel in 2005, we have had random inspections done to ensure that our vessel remains drug free.

We have worked with the K9 Group for a year now. Their service has been prompt and professional, their dogs well behaved and friendly. During our inspections the dogs inspect all the different areas of the vessel; the engine room, steering compartments, factory deck, gear rooms, crew quarters, galley, storage and bridge to name just a few.

The inspections and posted signs provided by the K9 group have proved to be useful tools in keeping our vessel drug free.

Renée Mann

June 18, 2009

To Whom It May Concern

Re: Canadian K-9 Detection Security & Investigations Ltd.

This letter will confirm that we utilize the services of Canadian K-9 for the purpose of narcotics detection at a variety of our client’s locations.

We are very satisfied with the professionalism and conduct of the Canadian K-9 handlers and the quality of the detection dogs. They are always well groomed and in excellent physical condition. Their temperament is well suited to the work required and the dogs have always been well behaved.

The quality of the work performed is outstanding and we do not hesitate to recommend their narcotic detection services to anyone.

Yours truly.

Scott I. Tingren

Vancouver Native Housing Society
December 22, 2009

Dear Margrett and Dale,

On behalf of Vancouver Native Housing Society many thanks for the detection and security services provided to the supportive housing department by K9 in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.

Recently two of the canine staff Joy and Baker were carrying out drug sniffing services at Ian Leman Place, 27 West Pender, Vancouver. Together they alerted staff to 70 packages of heroin that was hidden in a sink drain in a suite that had recently been vacated.

Once again thanks to your staff both human and canine we were able to maintain housing that is safe and secure for our residents.

As always a pleasure to work with you and your team.


Kim Stacey
Program Director, Supportive Housing
Vancouver Native Housing Society

Polygon Construction Management, Ltd.
February 23, 2006

We have engaged the services of Canadian K9 Detection Security & Investigation Ltd. since May 2004…They have provided security consulting for us involving over 20 construction sites in an evaluating capacity…Their security patrol services, with and without deterrent canines, have proven to be essential to our project security programme. Their knowledge and experience of the security field combined with their investigative processes offers a value added type of service encompassing all projects. I would recommend Canadian K9 Detection Security & Investigation Ltd. with full confidence in their ability to provide exemplary services in the field of construction security and investigations ….. (more) PDF File

R.V. (Bob) Switzer,
Senior Vice President
Quality and Customer Service
Polygon Construction Management, Ltd.

Langara College
May 25, 2006

Thanks so much for taking the time to come to the Special Events class in March. As usual Dale, you provided the students with keen insights into the security business…We really appreciate it! (more) PDF File

Stephanie Koonar,
Instructor, Business Management Department
Langara College

Ventana Construction Corporation
September 12, 2006

I have dealt with Canadian K9 Group on a number of occasions on Construction Projects in the Lower Mainland area. I find that they are skilled at many aspects of security, and provide many solutions to security problems. They are thorough with their inspections…the theft’s had decreased significantly because they had recognized an internal problem with trades or laborers hiding items to come back for later… They also recognize liability and will ensure public safety…  (more) PDF File

Dan Aird,
Site Superintendent
Ventana Construction Corporation

The University of British Columbia
May 2003

Dear Margrett,

A big ‘thank you’ to the Canadian K9 Detection for taking time to speak at the English Language Institute.

Through the combination of lecture, demonstration and role-play you gave the students a very educational introduction to the unique field of forensic investigation and electronic surveillance.  this format is especially suited to second-language learners, but I am sure that it would be equally successful with a wide range of audiences.

The segment on Personal Awareness and Safety includes lessons for all of us.  It was particularly appropriate in this setting, however, as the students’ sense of security is primarily based on personal experience within their own culture and can vary greatly from ours.  (more) PDF File


Claudia Shaw

June 14, 2001

I just wanted to write and thank you for looking after us while we were in Vancouver, and particularly for the photographs. These were a nice surprise and totally unexpected. Thanks again.

Malcolm Williamson,
President & CEO

CanAm International Holiday Adventure

I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Dale Crump of Canadian K9 Detection Security & Investigations Ltd. for over 10 years. During that time, Mr. Crump has consistently demonstrated honesty, integrity and dedication in all of our collective efforts. I count on the level of security and safety that the staff and owners of Canadian K9 Detection Security & Investigations Ltd. provide. … (more) PDF File

Grant Eisworth,
Chairperson, CanAm International Holiday Adventure